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Beginnings Institute exists to help partners have better relationships.

Whether you’re in a personal relationship that needs some attention or a business relationship that needs recalibrating, Beginnings Institute can help.

If it’s time for a new beginning, Beginnings Institute will mediate with partners to an agreement that feels comfortable for everyone.

Beginnings Institute’s Director, Melanie Zammit is a qualified counsellor and mediator specialising in high conflict situations and in supporting difficult conversations and uncomfortable emotions.

Let us help you with your new beginnings

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Meet Melanie Zammit

Melanie’s professional background is diverse and unique.

Her journey has taken her from the finance industry to commercial sponsorship for the Olympic Games and onto leading the marketing of some of Australia’s highest profile not-for-profit events such as Daffodil Day and Mother of the Year Awards.

Along the way, Melanie embedded herself within the Australian music industry as General Manager of a media agency and representing recording labels, album launches, music press and the commercial interests of the iconic Big Day Out festival.

Melanie’s time working with highly engaged, passionate personalities drew her towards the world of counselling and in 2008, Melanie qualified as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Most recently Melanie has been accredited by the Australian Attorney-General as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She has also received accreditation through the National Mediation Assessment System (NMAS).

She has steadily grown her practice and skillset to encompass family and relationship counselling, business partnership counselling and business and family mediation in Australia and internationally Mel is a sought-after facilitator and regularly undertakes group therapy and counselling work, including the delivery of diversionary programs for the NSW Department of Corrections.

She is recognised for excelling in high-conflict situations.

Associations & Certifications

Qualified Therapy & Mediation Specialist 

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Certified Practising Counsellor
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